Captain Gregs​,​Wrapped in Legs

by Biscuit Mouth

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released April 3, 2013

Tim - Drums and voice
Sean - Buitar

Recorded @ Dubrek Studios by Justin 'J-Dog' Dean.

Mastered @ Snug Recording Co by Robbie Newman



all rights reserved


Biscuit Mouth Derby, UK

General noisemakers. Two pieces of.


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Track Name: Lonnie Shawl
Me and chaperone we hit the dance halls with vigour
Saying make mine a good one, a real ripper
Take your time on it a hum dinger
Me I’m lit up like a neon cat
A colour of fine phosphorescence
And Lonnie is an officer of the very worst character
He chewed light like a moth
And came with a click clack click too far off
Amber with a dancer’s wardrobe blowing smoke rings through his hippest bone
Turning green salad bowl
He ices those cats whole
With shimmering flicker of his hippest bone
Make mine a tight one but limp one
Make it crawl through my senses
Make me click
Make mine your one
A melody to a strung out tone
A natural wit
Make me click
Waiting for the man topic turns to the man himself
Had 27 more and fared well on the shelf as I recall
He dusted those cats whole
Track Name: Hey Pinko
Hey Pinko
Teeth in my bones
Give me hormones and marrow
So it goes
Give me an armrod
Give me a golden palm
And make it a good one
Make me hard as a table
Skin carved from maple
Make me gush form
Make me able
Give me an armrod
Give me a hairless tongue
And make it a loose one
And then the lights went out
Track Name: 3
I saw blue bird crimpt in copper’s river
Saw copper roar in burdened sky
Its a synch you got gumption kid
Secret of the sigh
Saw the south pawed wit leaking out, forge rivers
Ectoplasm off the scale
We take helm and make sail
The kid had gumption kiddo
Tickled pink paper pink
Where the water coughs and simmers
I’m reminded of your folds in Winter
Track Name: I've Not Cut This Loose in Years
We used to rubberneck we used to ankle rub
She danced around in my cagoule
At the swimming pool in the back room
We’d meet each other after school
And leave together afterwards
Now my place is piled high with antique ties
And so I can’t see nothing finer
Than a tracksuit of Hawaiian fibre
So I corner you like a dentist
And you roll around in my saliva
Like a deep sea diver.
Track Name: Biscuit Month
Oh Maria
You ache like a tooth or something
Your belly folds are like sculpture
Oh when she shakes
The whole world smiles
So get clear
My skull bone rests in your breast bone
Under your larynx like a socket
So don’t get silly kid
You’re blowing wind
Joints angled in digits
Strung in linen
So come over here
And shake the walls with your ankle bones
And shimmy shake till your hip bone breaks
Oh you get plenty done
But now you’re shaking all wrong
And moving on
She’s down with the dregs
She’s down with the dead beats
She’s waiting dead pan
Where the dregs hang
Find an outman
Hide him out
With the dead heads
And with the dead ends
Find an out man
Find an outed man
Find an outman
Find an outed man
Born out of the dirt
Born out of the turnpike
Born out of the turpentine
Bored out of your mind
Wait the length of summer there
Track Name: Luau
Come here to cuss it all
T shirt stained with jellyroll
With bulging arms and a drunken calm
You curse it out Luau Luau
Run with the dead man just for fun
You shake his hand you shake his tongue
Pays you off dries you off
Shake you down Luau Luau
Shook down
Rode off
Packed in
Sit down
Load off
Take down
Sewn up
Shook up
Night stand
A charge
Not at all
Shows up here to bust it up
To clean house and to clean up
Run them down make the mob a crowd
Take him down Luau Luau
He licks the soup stains from your blouse
And spits them out onto the ground
‘Let’s take a ride’ you react in kind
You pay no mind Luau Luau
Track Name: Mr Minto
Mr Minto
You’ve been clothed by those
With tailors worse than yours
King of the sewn Mr Minto
Your size is twice mine and your ready to go
And all in all I’m so and so
There aint no tailors who can work it on your sewn
Just leave it alone
Mr Minto
There ain't no tailors who can work it on you
Minto Minto Minto
Track Name: Creeping Thing
Take your head out of the dirt
Lift your head above your skirt
Back pain is hateful at its worst
Fight the knots until it works
Bella Nola cut to the chase
Falling down starts below the waist
Come up here and take a taste
You made this your space
No one can say you're innocent
And the end of all is on and on and on
You’re borderline the colour of Rome
Has been raining on and on and on and on
With your dough face and all turn on your charm
Wear the face paint of my unborn
Lie like a French maid who’s been trampled on and on and on
That’s more than enough incentive
To kill the king
Water enough to quench it
But she’s more than a creeping thing