by Biscuit Mouth

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Recorded at Dubrek Studios by Jay Dean
Mastered at Subsequent Mastering by Joe Caithness
Artwork by Margaret Kenny

Voice and drums - Tim
Buitar and sax - Sean


released January 16, 2017



all rights reserved


Biscuit Mouth Derby, UK

General noisemakers. Two pieces of.


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Track Name: Kenneth the Lampooner
Pig stain your bladder
The rib cage in tatters
Your mild stammer won’t matter or help
The Captain’s praying for your health
The Chaplain’s praying for himself and his sum

Older, you’re not getting older it’s old
Ken the Lampoon making trouble
Bolder you’re making some awful insults
Roll him over to see his soul
He’s stoic anyway
So he’s going anyway, that’s nothing new
Visual learners always do

Ken the Lampoon, Ken the Lampoon, Ken the Lampoon
Ken the Lampoon in the backroom
In a cagoule with a wingspan that can finger England
He’s doing great are you?

Dripping with grease, he violently eats
An outrage to see, an unholy scene
But he’s great with a mood
It’s not bad but it’s crude
It’s been Ken the Lampooned
Kenneth the Lampooner
Hula hoop, hoop hula

He's doing great are you?

Ken the Lampoon, Ken the Lampoon, Ken the Lampoon
Ken the Lampoon in the backroom
Known or proved or Ken the Lampooned, that’s nothing new
He’s doing great are you?

To this carnival care to yourself laid bare
In line for some kind of renaissance here
Track Name: I Like it Because I am Young
Jiving Kabooki is, she is hopeful
Her own satirist, she is hopeful
I don’t mind she’s liquid dumb, an average shindig here
Calls me ‘slut legs’ and drops out of the circle

Undressed, bares chest, out by the stage door left
Dog eyes a cat, knows itself by the throatful
Weighs himself inside her thighs, this guy’s potent
Blows off his fingers, so he can’t choke her

Jiving Kabooki is, sporting sartorial composites
A visual sputnik, wearing opposites
When all in all, is all it is, or has been so far
Natural naturalist, grab it by the skirt-full
Laid bare, laid bare
That’s enough, that’s plenty more than we can share
That’s legs and arms detached from the act of making friends

She made a mantra
Repeated the judgement
Manhandled it, dismantled it
Channelled it and spat it out
Channelled it and spat it out
Branded it a cop out
Hands it to your flophouse and block house
Says, ‘slut legs you cartoon smut pig’

Learn well it’s not a question of being proud
It’s just a lesson on how to dress well
Track Name: Test Yourself Cheaper
Daughters lined up broke in their fours and fives
Brought to order folks, for a quarter of the price
I’m so much older, you’re small at half my size
Anyway anyhow, anyway anyhow …

Do you
Work round here?
I’m picking flowers

Do you
Work round here?
See you after hours

Take your steel branded heels
And brand my neck and neckerchief
But in the back of my mind’s eye, I’m sure as salt that I’m the vengeful kind
Anyway anyhow, anyway anyhow …

And I say, I can’t believe what I did
I squeal as I weave my shiv
I’m doing cartwheels as I weave my shiv

You’re something to be held
Dirty water churning up against the helm
Then you said something else
You said, ‘for sure I wasn’t born for this
Not myself, and tell me who is?’
And I fall head over heels for this

She said ‘I’ve got a friend, where’s she at? Oh there she is!’
Track Name: A Very Pleasing Night
A tall talker, in the corner
Made his points known as an order not a view
Made more from one vowel sound with his clown mouth
And moved with exceptional magnitude

As each excessive gesture ensued
He spat acts of pure rapture
That concluded with a match up for his stature
Said he was an actor like none I’d seen

His clown mouth said vowels
Then we said vowels
Then we fell about and passed out

Said he spent some time unpaid
Looking for an honest trade
Said he’d seen a few
Laid out his world view in seven days

It made no sense, but his confidence made it stick
Then he fell into his drink
We passed him round, you gave him mouth to mouth

He fell around, he fell around, he fell around
He slept about, crept around, he mellowed out
He leveled out, leveled out, leveled, out

In his sewn
Made to make much more of what he owned
Was an aqua blue picture
A solitary picture
A momentary picture
It said
‘I’m aware, I’m aware’

He’s aqua blue, I’m aqua blue, he’s aqua bluer
If it’s right its true, it must be a view to a sooner end
Time will see my ruin
Gliding thin like a wheel on a velvet chin

I’ll keep my eye on the few and
Think myself better than you and
Take my minds acumen
Hit you right square in the blue and
In this state I’m in
All the more to take one more and take to drink
I’m alive, I’m alive, it’s a blessing, if it’s true I’m still human
Track Name: That's Some Cool Change Sonny, for Sure
Out here I like it fine
I’m kind, pure of mind
In my liquid tin
Who’s in the loop out here?
I’m Cool Uncle Scuba Steve
Cool Uncle Skuba …
Inside a fish tank

Cast west by oceans breath
But under liquid sun I’m someone
Who’s in the loop out here?
King of the aqueous
By the lunar, I move to stand still
I’m in tune with it

I caught a bad fish Keith
All teeth it clings to me

Been getting into it
Living in fancy dress
Track Name: Horse Story
Made my mind
We’ll take time
For the great design
The colder clime
Survive equine

Take our rest
On great spots of earth
Metabolism quickens and so does hers
Take time to make time
When we lie with swine, it’s alright, we lie equine

I set my feelings clear
Live in the atmosphere
Breath the air

Don’t be put off by my uniform
I can breathe the divine as I have done before

If you’ve got your own mind
Be around for showtime
Track Name: Feel Make Feel
Get off your head
Get off your legs
We’ll have a time
Drink that dry
If you don’t mind

It ain’t to smart
But I’ve got to say
You’ve got a way

It’s new you say
But I’ve got my reservations
But she asks the questions

This isn’t bad, this isn’t good this is underwhelmed
I’m not a hack, I’m not a hack cause I like foreign films
I’m all or nothing else, born to play myself, what do you sow glow legs?

Lull the crowd
Sus them out

But she asks the questions

‘Who likes a scrawny queen, awkward with a forward lean? Bloated cheeks of tangerine orange, pinko red and chimney green?’

I’ve got my reservations, but she asks the questions

‘This isn’t bad, this isn’t good, this is underwhelmed
I’m not a hack, I’m not a hack cause I like foreign films
If all in all, is all it is, it should be something else
What do you sow crow legs?
What do you sow four legs?
What makes you so sure you’re it?

Who likes a scrawny queen, a so-so scene?
Who likes a thighbone, so small it falls into the seam?’
I say things like fish have feelings to, I’m not sure what it means

A good sign, standing fine and brought her own waistcoat
I never said this was a formal occasion
She got it right, first time without my say so
But she asks the questions, she asks the questions …

I don’t know why I asked

She’s up there watching
A proctor on a structure I can’t leave
Shaking amber red to rupture, when she shakes her sculpture, in thigh defining sheets
Comes to make fun of my beliefs

She said, ‘I’ve got to get one
They look like fun, I’ve got to get one’
She wakes me every dawn
Says this and more
Says ‘you slept through my contortions and as I stretched you out of all proportion
You slept
You slept’
Track Name: It's Not for Everyone
Calm down
If it’s something that can’t be helped
I’m in turquoise, if at all, if I am myself
It’s not holding back
Holding back, yeah I swear
Holding back
Holding back, yeah I swear
Far out or taking it extremely

I see hundreds and hundreds of others
And I’m made to wonder
I’m made to wonder
So I wonder
So I wonder

I’m failing eyesight
I zapped that cold
Not bad in hindsight
I’m on form top drawer
I’m on form top drawer
I’m on form top drawer
Super champ, super …
A stupid stupor

Poetically I'm dull, fairly dull
I’m incensed then I’m not very much
I’m not rattled, not right on
I’m not rattled, not right on
I’m on form top drawer, good one
I’m on form top drawer, good one
I’m on form top drawer and so on
And so on


What I got here going on
It’s not bad for what it’s worth